Google Finally Opens Up About Experimenting with Zero Search Results

Google seems to have an answer for all the queries we have but now it is working on being more relevant by showing only required results and excusing when there is not much to show about the query typed in search engine.

Google recently confirmed that it is running a test in which zero search results are shown when no relevant results are found about the query.

A message “Hmm… the results for your search don’t seem very relevant.” is displayed by the search engine. This is then followed by another message “see results anyway.” allowing users to look for whatever results that have been fetched from the web.

In the last 24 hours, several users have seen it but SEMRush was the first one to talk about it on Twitter.

In response to the tweet, Danny Sullivan of Google confirmed that the company is doing a limited experiment. Though displaying ads on the screen was not intentional from the company’s side.

The most interesting thing to see would be the list of queries that do not have any results. As whenever any query is put into Google, it always comes up with at least one relevant result.

This test can be beneficial for content creators and publishers to find what is lacking on the internet and produce the content accordingly.

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