Facebook to Start Promoting Unique, Organic and Engaging Video Content on the Platform to Remain in Competition!

Facebook is reportedly changing the approach it uses to rank videos on the platform. The updated approach will enable those videos to get the spotlight that rely on unique content and have the capability to keep the users engaged for considerable amount of time and are also interesting enough so users can watch them again.

The Social Media Giant has realized that it needs to put focus on organic content, instead of unoriginal content shared from other sources. This will obviously mean bad news for pages that post viral content published by others and rack up a huge number of views.

Thus, Facebook has decided to reduce the ranks of videos posted by Pages indulged in Sharing Schemes (programs run by unauthorized content brokers who pay Page owners/admins to post their content and run ads for promotional purposes).

Not only that, the original videos with a dedicated fan base and those that viewers will watch again will also be rewarded. Earlier, Facebook urged the content creators to create videos that can keep the viewers glued to the screens for at least a minute, but now it is increasing it to 3 minutes. This will help the video in getting ranked higher and distributed widely.

Facebook claims that through these changes, it wants to bring into prominence the creators whose videos people value and that these creators’ content should reach more people across the platform.

Interestingly, Facebook’s plan for revamping its video ranking system comes at a time when Facebook Watch is facing strong competition from other video players and streaming services such as Apple TV+, Roku, IMDb, YouTube and soon, Disney’s streaming service as well.

Thus, it’s high time Facebook Watch ups its game and starts featuring high-quality content to edge out or at least match the quality of content being posted by its competitors. Moreover, YouTube has recently announced that its original content will soon be available for free and become ad-supported.

Only time will tell how Facebook plans on making its video service stand out among others but a fair guess is that we will find that out soon.

Photo: AMY OSBORNE / AFP / Getty Images

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