Facebook Is Basically Eyeing For More Control Over You By Unifying Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram

Have you ever tried talking to your one favorite person via multiple apps? Of course, for some people it might sound exciting and a proof of how committed the other person is, but if you just look at it logically, hopping between Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram for days is just a painful experience.

But Mark Zuckerberg still wants you to do it. Facebook own these popular messaging and media service platforms, which together have been able to cast their spell on 2.7 billion people around the globe. The numbers will go on and further prove that Mark is undoubtedly the king of this internet era.

However, Facebook now plans to take advantage of the ongoing conversations by unifying the messaging services into a single large connected platform. Although the executives are claiming it to be for user’s convenience but that doesn’t look like the only case. There is a high probability that by doing so, Facebook wants to know more about what its users are up to so and hence improving the ad business.

Why Do They Want To Remove The Walls?

Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram have their own databases and identity layers. What that means is that users have to create a new identity for every platform. The details go deep down to relevant databases and they don’t remain interconnected - even if someone logs into Instagram with Facebook.

They might share the same functionality when compared with each other but this separation stops Facebook to keep an eye on your habits, people who you talk to, and what you’re talking about in detail.

As the company earns almost all of its revenue from advertising (little more than $15 billion in the first three months of 2019 alone) they get stuck when users prefer the private messaging apps like Whatsapp more instead of broader social network. The encryption process in Whatsapp makes it difficult for Facebook to implement personalized ads. So that’s why they now want to unify the platform to have much bigger data and eventually a better advertisement business.

The proposed solution will let Facebook recognize the true “you”. All of your data in each app will correlate for better targeting of ads according to topics and things that interest you.

More Dominance in Future

So in future, your conversation will remain in respective data bases but Facebook will only eliminate the identity layer. In fact, the new product would be a unified lens with which Facebook can always see you through, regardless of what brand of app do you prefer to interact on.

Uptill now Facebook is playing smart as they are promoting the move as an utmost need of every consumer. But the reality is that Mark is building a mega platform to take control over all the messaging apps as well just like the public social network platforms. Now it depends on us, whether we want Facebook to keep such a strict level eye on us for their advertisements or not.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Plan to Fuse Its Messaging Apps (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram) Is Not About Your Privacy

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