Facebook is Reportedly Working on Trending Stickers and Translation Features for Messenger!

It wasn’t long ago when Facebook unveiled tons of new updates and features during the F8 conference. It looks like the Social Media Giant has no plans on taking a break as reports have emerged about a number of new features being tested by Facebook.

The first feature in question is the Translation feature for Messenger. Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra spotted the option in his Messenger app, after which he proceeded to tweet about it along with a screenshot, giving us a glimpse of the feature in action.

It looks like as of now, the feature is limited to only a few users. In addition to that, only English, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages are available as of this moment. More languages are expected to be added soon as the feature starts rolling out publicly.

As the name suggests, Translation allows a user to communicate with their contacts in a language they better understand, after translating the sender’s original message. Tech Reporter Dave Lee chimed in by replying that the feature is already available for Facebook Marketplace.

The second feature being tested is the “Trending Stickers” on main Facebook app and it was spotted by none other than renowned Social Media Code Hacker, Jane Manchun Wong. From Wong’s screenshot, it looks like the new section will be added alongside the already available Sticker options and will allow users to check the Stickers trending across the platform.

It remains to be seen when Facebook plans on releasing at least one of the above mentioned features to its global users. However, we can all agree that the Translation feature takes the cake, in terms of priority so not only should it be rolled out first, but also soon. We will keep you updated in case there’s any development in this story.

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Featured photo credit: Barney Moss / Flickr
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