Facebook To Bring "Favorites" List And A Landing Story UI For Messenger Stories

There is no doubt in the fact that Facebook is eyeing for a future in modifying the stories feature to a point that more and more users should get obsessed with it. As they are making subtle attempts to bring their new vision to reality, recent reports suggest that Facebook will soon roll out a “Favorites” list for sending stories.

This further gets combined with another addition in Facebook Messenger as you might also see landing Story UI for gallery view, opening camera or opening text in the upcoming days.

The proofs of these changes were revealed by Jane Munchun Wong, who is known of breaking the secrets related to the developments of social media world. While she gets it right most of the times, her recent tweet includes a screenshot in which Facebook seems to be working on "Favorites" list, a feature that will let users share or send stories to friends they often interact with on the platform.

Does it ring any bells? Yes, Instagram’s very own Close Friends List that most of us use every day. However, looking at the response that Jane got on the news, it seems like people are really not currently bothering about it, which is also an actual representation of how majority of us have never preferred to post stories on Facebook, anyways.

But that’s not all. Another tweet showed that Facebook’s obsession to adopt features from other camera oriented social media platforms goes one step further by incorporating landing Story UI for gallery view, opening camera or opening text, so that when one decides to post a story via Facebook Messenger, the options will look a lot like Instagram’s Stories Create Mode.

Previously the app used to load camera by default, so doing this might leave a positive impact on the consumption of ram as well.

It is pretty much understandable that these are little tactics to achieve the overall goal; to regain the lost engagement on the platform. But will this really help Facebook in the longer run? Only time can answer that.

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