Facebook Messenger is Reportedly Working on a Business Tab and a Confirmation Dialog for Video Calls!

Facebook’s Messenger app has made chatting a lot easier than it was before. However, it is said that there’s always room for improvement. So over the past few years, we have seen several cool features get added to Messenger and today is not any different.

According to Social Media app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Messenger is working on a few features/updates. The first one is the Business Tab. It was brought up during F8 2019 in LightSpeed. Wong also shared a screenshot, giving us a sneak peek at the new tab. It has a search bar as well as suggested businesses that users can get in contact with.

The next feature that is reportedly being worked on is a much needed one! It is the confirmation dialog that will appear once a user taps the video call button. The dialog is being added to prevent accidental video calls due to unintentional taps. The dialog will now appear right as the video call button is tapped and will proceed with the call only if a user confirms that they want to make a call.

Although the feature looks to be quite helpful, a number of people believe that an additional tap (on the confirmation popup) won’t be helpful enough and to prevent accidental video calls, Messenger should allow calls to be made only if the video call button is kept held for a while.

People also believe that WhatsApp needs this feature more than Messenger does as the number of unintentionally generated calls is much higher there.

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Featured photo: Chesnot / Getty Images
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