Facebook Messenger rolling out with new features including a desktop app and the ability to watch videos together

At the annual F8 developer’s conference, Facebook announced several new features that their Messenger service would be seeing this year.

Firstly, Facebook is creating another mobile app for Messenger by the name of “Project LightSpeed.” The new version will launch in under two seconds and weight around 30 MB. Unlike the Lite version of Messenger, the new app is designed especially for low-end hardware and removes several high-end features of Messenger.

Nevertheless, users will avail the full Messenger experience through this app.

Upon asking, Facebook did not reveal the exact timeline for the new app but simply stated that it will take some time.
"We are working to be world class for our community for the primary things that people expect in a messaging app. We will make Messenger fast, private, interoperable and a space for close friends and family.", announced Asha Sharma, Head of Messenger Consumer Products at Facebook.
Facebook is also working on a Messenger desktop service for both – Windows and macOS. Through the desktop version, users can access all the basic features of Messenger including video chat from their respective devices. According to the company, the desktop app will roll out sometime this year.

Moreover, Facebook is testing out a “Watch Together” feature where users can join a virtual room and watch videos together. It is also launching a Friends section that will assist users in finding the pictures and videos from their closest friends through a convenient portal.

Facebook Messenger is introducing new features including a desktop app and the ability to watch videos together

The company is planning to make Messenger fully encrypted through end-to-end encryption. Although, Facebook has not yet revealed a date for this, the company did say that it is in the works and soon users will be able to enjoy Messenger end-to-end encryption through default mode.

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