Facebook Still Collects Data from Deactivated Users

If you feel like you are done with Facebook, or if you feel like you need a bit of a break from the social media platform at least for the time being, there are a couple of options that you can try to look into. The first of these options would be — if you want to take a break from social media — to deactivate your account, which would temporarily take your account down but leave it available for you to use later if you should ever want to come back for the platform. The second option is a bit more drastic. It basically involves you deleting your account entirely and permanently.

It turns out that Facebook will only stop collecting data about you if you select the second of these two options (i.e #deletefacebook). If you deactivate your account, the social media juggernaut is going to continue to collect data, stating that it does so because of the fact that it works with the hope that deactivated users will eventually come back to the platform and when they do Facebook wishes to provide them with an adequate ad experience all in all.

Some people will consider this to be a major breach of trust, and it is understandable why people feel this way. Deactivating your account is supposed to put Facebook out of your life to some extent, but turns out that it doesn’t really change anything except you no longer have your feed to scroll through. Everything else stays pretty much the same, including Facebook’s data collection policies.

Gabriel Weinberg the founder of DuckDuckGo told CNet that "Facebook either change its data collection [policy] for deactivated accounts or explain that caveat better to people [and its users]."

Sorry to break it to you, deactivating your Facebook account doesn't stop Facebook from collecting data on you.
Photo: Wellesenterprises / Getty Images

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