Acclaimed Tech Industry Critic Says Apple’s Screen Time Feature is Ineffective

If you think about it, technology is still an incredibly new thing for a lot of us, which means that for the most part we are going to be struggling to find ways to deal with it. One of the major problems that we are having is that we are using it a little too often, and companies such as Google and Apple have been taking steps to prevent the overuse of tech and gadgets. One way in which Apple is doing so is by offering the Screen Time feature which basically gives you data regarding how long you have been using your smart device as well as specific apps so that you can have a little more control over the overall amount that you are actually spending on your device in the first place.

However, according to Tristan Harris, someone that helped cofound the Center for Humane Technology and has frequently criticized the manner in which modern tech business are generally operated, has stated that the screen time features are just a bandage placed upon a deeper wound, and that further steps are going to have to be taken before technology can be considered ethical in every single way. The fact of the matter is that the tech industry is putting the onus on users by providing such monitoring tools, and they will have to be a little more proactive about helping people use technology in a much healthier manner. According to Harris, attention manipulation is a very real thing, and until tech giants don’t take a more proactive step towards trying to help people use technology in a healthier manner, it seems unlikely that any of the necessary forward movement is going to occur.

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One of the tech industry's leading critics believes Apple and Google's "screen time" features will never work because they ignore the underlying problem
Photo: Tristan Harris / Facebook

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