Market shares of Google Assistant matches footsteps with Apple’s Siri

The proverb, ‘slow and steady wins the race’ fits the market reputation of Google Assistant perfectly which managed to match the share value with Apple’s Siri in less than three years of launch.

This was confirmed in a recent study conducted by Microsoft where both – Google Assistant and Siri each managed to take up 36% of the market share. The study find out the popularity of the digital voice assistants and the preferred virtual assistant of the user.

As per the results, Microsoft’s own Cortana ranked at the fourth position with 19% market share while Alexa follows close behind, taking 25% of the share.

Although the Amazon Alexa is widely known and advertised in the US, it is perhaps surprisingly not the most popular one. Apple’s Siri and the Google Assistant tied for first place with 36% of respondents having used each. Alexa came in 3rd with 25% of respondents reporting usage, closely followed by Cortana with 19%.

While it doesn’t come as a surprise to find both – Assistant and Siri ranking in the first place, the timeline for both the service is surely impressive.

This is because Google Assistant was launched later than Apple’s Siri and rapidly made the transition from being part of selected smartphones to a norm feature for Android appliances including laptop, tablets, speakers, and even cars.

On the other hand, Siri –a core part of every iPhone, iPad, Macs, and HomePod, released by the Apple Company has been around since 2011. That is almost three times longer than Google’s product.

Although, the study only surveyed 7,000 participants, it does give a clear idea of the platform consumers are actually using and without a doubt – Google Assistant is clearly winning the race leaving the others behind.

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