Top Ten Facebook Video Views Ranking Includes Surprising Names

More and more publishers are sharing their video content on Facebook, making monthly leaderboard exciting. Last month, the top ten publishers collectively were able to get 12.7 billion video views on Facebook. From the top 100, 60% succeeded in increasing their rankings.

Two discrete yet domination trends in April’s popular videos on Facebook had been:

1. White space and Specialty content, which were undiscovered previously helped several publishers to stand out in a sea of videos.

2. International content, related to entertainment and education, which attracted a huge Facebook audience and the trend is growing with time.

The top ten ranked publishers for April had been the following:

These April Publishers Earned the Most Facebook Video Views
Chart courtesy of Tubularinsights.

LADbible at #1 spot with 3 billion views, UNILAD at #2 having 1.5 billion+ video views and at #7 Beauty Studio with almost 890 million views managed to be part of the top 10 videos even in March.

Publishers like Taste Life of NTD and BuzzFeed’s Tasty were among the publishers who improved their rankings in last month. Rick Lax’s jump had been the most inspiring which came to #9 with a +22 change.

Many other publishers also made it to top 100 rankings in April by pulling millions of video views. They too had been able to set up a trend and set their mark.

Importance of White Space Content for Facebook Video Views

Data is being used by publishers to identify the possible white spaces in video content on the platform. By working on the specialty content and exploring unique areas of human interest, publishers have been able to pull out millions of views. Born Different and UNILAND Adventure are examples of it.

Facebook Viewers Attracted to International Entertainment

In the last few months, international publishers managed to occupy a huge place in Facebook leaderboards. Specifically, in April, some of these publishers were recognized prominently in entertainment and media genre.

International Publishers who made it to top 100 with their views include Marcelo Tineli – a TV host at #18, Bollywood Gossip standing ta #38 and Got Talent Global ranked #94.

A UK-based influencer, Jay Shetty’s video was among the most viewed video on Facebook April, having 99.7 million Facebook video views, with 1.9 million engagements.

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