Adobe After Effects Now Lets You Remove Objects from All Frames of Video At Once

Photoshop’s content-aware feature is now available for videos in Adobe’s After effects as well, as per the latest update. This will let users remove unwanted objects from the videos, and with the use of Adobe Sensei machine learning, you will not have to remove it in every frame.

Content-aware so far has been removing unwanted objects from the still images, whereas now objects will be removed from the moving scenes and will fill in the missing pixels automatically.

In 2017, this feature was first displayed as an experimental at Adobe Sneak with the name Project Cloak. Now the Creative Cloud subscribers also have access to this tool. This could be a good option in post-production editing as for removing the boom mics or eliminating people or other irrelevant objects if they come into the final shot.

Adobe has also introduced certain updates for their other video and audio editing software, some of which will be making use of Adobe Sensei. Artificial intelligence is being used by auto-ducking for Ambience which will analyze seamless mix in the audio clips in Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro. Also, clips would be organized and a better storyboard would be built with the use of a new Freeform View in Project Panel. Puppet rigging will also improve with the Adobe Character Animator, "you can apply behaviors, tag layers, and search through puppet rigs, allowing you to work faster and create more refined performances.".

You can read the full details for Adobe's Spring 2019 Video and Audio update in this blog post.

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