The Global Data Might Explode Soon - Details Inside!

Every company is on the hunt for more data. After all, the evolution of internet has brought us to a point where our data dominates us. But as the figures are increasing significantly every year, things are getting out of hands.

In 2018 alone, around 33 zettabytes of data was created in all parts of the world. If you’re still not sure about what that figure means then let’s compare it with the tangible discs.

Imagine if you are given the task to transfer all the information created last year to Blu-ray discs. As you might be motivated enough to take up the challenge, you still would be asking for 660 billion discs (each with a standard capacity of 50 gigabytes) to make it possible.

In case, if you want to understand the data from biological aspects as well, then 33 zettabytes is equal to the storage capacity of 33 million human brains altogether. However, this is just a start when compared to the predictions for next decade.

The 33 zettabytes will look like the size of a peanut in front of the forecasted 175 zettabyte for 2025 and a whopping 2,142 zettabyte mark by 2035. While it might have kept your mouth wide open, you can also have a look at the new Statista Digital Economy Compass 2019 for more details.

This graphic outlines the current and forecast amount of data created worldwide from 2010 to 2035
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