Facebook is Reportedly Working on Introducing "Text Effects" to the News Feed Posts!

Why should Stories have all the fun? The News Feed should be equally pleasant visually… at least that’s what Facebook thinks as the Social Media Giant is reportedly working on a “Text effects” feature for its News Feed posts. As the name suggests, this option will allow users to apply different styles to their News Feed posts’ text.

Scott Grenney and Matt Navarra should be credited for spotting and sharing this new development. It should be noted that Grenney was only able to spot this feature on the desktop version of Facebook. The option to add “Text Effects”, according to Grenney’s screenshot, should appear under the post field.

Interestingly, the available options for Text effects are quite similar to their “Story” counterparts (Fancy, Simple, Clean, Headline and Casual).

Many people have concerns regarding this feature due to its high focus on visualness. Although such diversity of text styles is quite important in Stories, its need in the News Feed is quite doubtful.

However, you should have seen it coming once Facebook introduced colorful backgrounds for the News Feed posts. But still, the mere thought of seeing different and convoluted styles of Text has us all confused.

Although a thorough study wasn’t conducted, it is still believed that many users don’t take advantage of the colored backgrounds while posting something on the Social Networking platform. Due to this reason it can be predicted that the “Effects” feature might not sit well with users too as it can be assumed that most of the users who will be interested in using different styles of text on their News Feed posts are those who use colored backgrounds.

Regardless, the update can surely encourage users to share Posts into Facebook Stories, and from the past several months, the Social Media Giant has been trying to get users’ attention to the Story feature, so fair play to them!

As of yet, the feature hasn’t been rolled out and there is no set timeline for its wide release. Also, it hasn’t been confirmed yet if the feature is only being designed for the desktop version but we are hopeful to get these answers soon!

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