Hardcore women gamers improve their skills faster than men, AI-driven study reveals

An AI assistant was developed by the Gosu.ai startup that helped gamers in improving their skills and also help them win and was able to generate $1.9M last year. Virtual assistant teaches the gamers, using machine learning, to analyze the matches and then make personal recommendations.

Interesting research has been conducted using a virtual assistant to see what the gamers are good at.

Around 5000 Dota 2 players were surveyed by the Gosu.ai to know the reasons behind successful gamers and unsuccessful ones.

Out of 5000 respondents, only 4 percent were women and yet they proved to have a 44 percent higher win rate in comparison to men on average.

It also has been found out through study that your skills are likely to improve slower if you are proficient in foreign languages. The game rating of people who do not attend university or travel but play sports increases, whereas the rating growth of gamers with jobs is slow.

Hardcore women gamers improve their skills faster than men, research shows

The competitors of Gosu.ai like Mobalytics, Moremmr, give generalized recommendations after finding a generalized weak spot among players and the analyses is usually made on raw statistics. Whereas, Gosu.ai analyzes players in depth, notice even the movement of the mouse and then provide recommendations specific to the player. It is more of a virtual assistant than a training platform.

This startup was first backed by Gagarin Capital and now Runa Capital, Ventech, and Sistema-VC fund it.

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