Pinterest Sees A Huge Growth Of 250 Million Monthly Active Users

Pinterest has been growing at an immense rate despite the global social media trend being the one where there is a decline seen in the growth of other big sites online. The company’s statistics were baffling after they were revealed, a staggering number of 250 million users per month, as claimed by the officials of the site.

The number of pins also increased by a 75 percent from that of last year, about 175 billion pins, show its huge growth in a shorter amount of time.

About 80 percent of the site’s consumer base lives outside of US, meaning that its community is a global one. These users are promptly active, following the Nielsen study (commissioned by it), saying that about 98 percent of the people apply the ideas they find on the site in their real lives, in contrast with the 71 percent of the social media users in total.

Even though the idea of the success of Pinterest was met with skepticism initially, it's catching up to the other sites like Twitter in terms of users per month, 8 years after its launch.

The latest updates that include the introduction of Sections feature in boards and a test that allows you to look for pins by skin tones are becoming popular among the Pinners, these updates have helped the users to be more dependent on the site for their daily affairs, hence, could be the reason of this humongous boost in the number of users on a monthly basis.

Pinterest says it has 250 million active monthly users
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