Smart Compose For Gmail Will Be Available On All Android Devices Now

Google is like that friend who understands you the most when it matters. Every now and then it brings something new to make life more easy for all of us. The latest addition in Google’s services include the expansion of Smart Compose for Gmail to all android devices.

Smart Compose was first introduced in the desktop version of Gmail. It’s an AI based writing tool that follows your style and preferred language to predict frequently used phrases that can help you in completing the emails quickly.

Considering the great response it had received, Google later made it available to all the G Suite app accounts, and also released it on Gmail in Pixel 3 devices only, last year. But since making friends in the world of technology can help you excel more, Google has now decided to cut down the exclusivity and introduce Smart Compose to all Android devices via a server-side update.

Gmail's Smart Compose feature is now available for all Android smartphone users
Screenshot: Androidpolice

For confirmation, it has been spotted first on a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with version 9.2.3 of the Gmail app installed (from February 22nd) Hence, users will not have to update the app for this feature. The feature is currently available in only five languages English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

In case, if you don’t like the Smart Compose guiding you about what to write then you can also switch it off by going into the Gmail app’s settings.

According to Gmail help center Google's Smart Compose feature is based on machine learning systems and it's "not designed to provide answers" and chances are it "may not always predict factually correct information".
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