Pinterest is back in the news! Working on a new feature inspired by Instagram (Heads up! social media managers)

It has been a long time since Pinterest was in news. However, the trend-setting social media platform is back in the news, and for a good reason.

In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, Pinterest still holds a special place in a social media fanatic’s heart. The app, known for its image-focusing content, allows a user to post content that can reach the audience without the user having a well-established fan-base. This urges the users to express their creativity without caring about their number of followers.

As if the app wasn’t already a classic one, it is working on introducing yet another feature that is bound to sit well with its users. According to reverse-engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong, Pinterest is testing the account switching feature for Android. She backed up her claim by tweeting a screenshot (featured below) with the “Switch Account” option visible.

Pinterest app for Android is testing Account Switcher option

Facebookers, Instagrammers and social media managers should be aware of this feature and its importance. It basically allows a user to switch between different accounts without having to log-out of the current one before, avoiding the delay caused due to it and re-entering the log-in credentials. It is helpful for users who manage multiple accounts for brands, business or personal uses.

Only time will tell whether this option is needed in Pinterest, how does it get received by the users once it rolls out and if any new features are being tested out too. Stay tuned!

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