This 2019's Social Media Guide has all the Image Sizes that you need to know!

Let’s get one thing straight, Social Media has taken over this world. Even saying something like “Social Media controls us” wouldn’t be an understatement in today’s world.

With the heavy influence, the number of options have also increased (the number of Social Media services). The funny part is that these services remain in a constant struggle to one up each other, stay ahead of the competition and become our “go to” app. This has led to some interesting features being rolled out and trust me! It is just the beginning.

Enter Social Media marketing, where the future lies. Brands have also realized the importance of Social Media and know that they have a bright future on the top platforms.

Thus, it’s important for these Brands to properly study these different platforms, their strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities which lie ahead of them and risks associated with them. Proper growth can only be achieved after a careful understanding of the subject.

To ensure that their content has maximum reach and engagement, Brands need to determine the correct dimensions and sizes for their social media posts including stories, ads, images and videos.
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Also, it should be considered what types of posts can “do the magic” and how they should be created and what they need to include.

Thus, there are a lot of variables that need to be taken into account before publishing a social media post whose target is catch the attention of maximum users on that specific platform.

Although, it looks like a time-consuming and difficult task, it is not, because thanks to the following infographic-guide from Sharelov, all necessary information has been brought to one place. It is highly recommended that you give it a read and bookmark it for later references.

This guide includes all the sizing requirements and recommendations you need for every major social network, including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest and Tumblr.

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