2019's 10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media Marketing is, without a doubt, the new advertising trend and will impact the future of business. However, in order to master it, a lot of effort is required. It can be broken down into five categories:
  1. Social media monitoring
  2. Social media management
  3. Content marketing
  4. Creating workflows
  5. Advertising
All five of these categories require thorough understanding, in order for one to fully master what Social Media Marketing truly is. Thus, a set of tools is used for each of these categories. In this post you'll discover 10 of the best such tools which are bound to play an important role in 2019. For each category, we will select the top 2 tools and it’s almost a guarantee that a proper study of these tools will help out an aspiring Social Media marketer.

1. Social media monitoring:

a. Awario: One of the best tools for small businesses. With a capacity to scan nearly 13 billion pages on a daily basis, Awario aims to monitor the main social media platforms and web. The best thing about it is that it can retrieve the mentions, not only of your brand but also of your competitors and other keywords related to it, allowing you to stay aware and ahead of the competition.

b. Mention: Unlike Awario, mention also offers services for agencies and enterprises. The tool is best designed for real-time search. In addition to that, historical data can also be accessed, but the catch is that user should upgrade to a custom plan first. API access and Automated report generation is another big plus of this platform.

2. Social media management:

a. Buffer: One of the most important parts of management is “Scheduling”, and this is where Buffer should be used. The tool is second to none when it comes to scheduling and publishing posts on Social Media platforms. The best thing about it is the “Buffer Reply” which creates a joint team inbox, allowing the marketers to reply to queries posted on various Social Media platforms. There are several packages offered by Buffer.

b. PromoRepublic: all-in-one social media tool for social media marketers, agencies and freelancers that provides a content library, smart posting, graphical editor and analytics. The app allows marketers to save time on content creation and create original graphics for various industries. Agencies can also try this product for managing clients customized and matched with their brand identity. The app will present them an individual branded tool and allow collaborating with clients effectively.
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b. Sprout Social: An efficient Social Media Management tool for small to medium sized businesses. It has different plans and packages and offers almost the same services as Buffer does, with the addition of bit.ly integration and Social CRM.

3. Content Marketing:

a. Buzzsumo: A content creator’s best friend, Buzzsumo not only recommends article ideas to a creator, but it also analyzes the type of content working well for the competitors. It also offers access to historical data and allows exporting of csv and pdf files. However, what makes this tool even better is that it helps a creator in locating influencers for promotional purposes.

b. Social Animal: Basically offers the same services such as helping a creator with content ideas, analyzing content, keeping track of competition and finding influencers. The main thing that sets it apart is its low cost, due to which it can be considered as an ideal platform for starters and small businesses.

4. Creating workflows:

a. Zapier: A tool for creating workflows or zaps, as referred by on this platform. Although it is one of a kind, the features which will best lure a creator into purchasing one of its plans, are the custom multi-step workflows and its capacity to integrate with countless web apps.
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b. IFTTT: If This Then That (IFTTT) allows a creator to generate applets that automate several social media tasks in a few easy steps. Moreover, the tool also allows the existing applets, designed by other creators, to be used entirely or as a sample for a new applet to be based on.

5. Advertising:

a. Qwaya: One of Facebook’s most trusted marketing partners. It allows a creator to A/B test ads. To add icing on the top, it allows ad scheduling and collaboration with team members. As it is Facebook’s marketing partner, it is the best tool for generating and managing ads on Facebook and Instagram.

b. AdEspresso: Used mainly for the same purposes. AdEspresso takes the cake when it comes to being the marketing partner of not only Facebook and Instagram, but also of Google. Thus, it is nearly impossible to not have this widely endorsed tool as your preference for ad management purposes. It allows one to create, manage and analyze ads across various channels. Lastly, AdEspresso Academy can help an aspiring creator learn the basics of ad management.

Bonus infographic for visual learners:
Graphic courtesy of: Awario.

10 of the best social media marketing tools for 2019 [Infographic]

The above mentioned tools are certainly to be looked out for this year. It’s important for an aspiring Social Media Marketer to learn from the best and utilizing these tools has that part covered.

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