YouTube prevails while a widely used app disappoints in the Internet Traffic show-off!

There’s absolutely nothing better than coming home from a tiring day and start streaming content. Thanks to a recent report by Sandvine, the above statement has been proven true.

It was revealed in the report that YouTube, out of all the mobile applications, contributes the most when it comes to downstream mobile traffic worldwide. For those unaware of the term downstream, it is basically the data sent by the service provider to us, contrary to upstream. So, you can say that downloading files and other types of data, accessing Web pages and even viewing e-mails and playing online games are responsible for the downstream traffic.

Coming back to where we left off, the report was inclined towards streaming applications. YouTube, the biggest video sharing platform, emerged as the most downstream traffic generating application with a whopping 37%, in terms of megabytes. Following YouTube is everyone’s favorite Social Media platform, Facebook. However, the competition isn’t stiff at all and in terms of megabytes, Facebook generates only 8.4% of all the downstream traffic, trailing nearly 30% behind YouTube. On third and fourth places, we have Snapchat (8.3%) and Instagram (5.7%) respectively.

However, it should be brought up once again that the report discussed above is only concerned with mobile applications. In terms of overall downstream traffic generated, Netflix leads the charts (even though its mobile app is responsible for only contributing 2.4% of the megabytes generated).

YouTube is Responsible for 37 percent of All Mobile Internet Traffic
Chart: Statista.

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