Google Introduces Domain Properties Into its Search Console

Google has recently upped its game even more in terms of the kind of information you would receive if you make a search query on the platform. Now you will be able to look at domain properties of the various links that are showing up as well. This is going to be very beneficial for webmasters that are looking to get to the root of various data packages that are being sent across the internet, as you will be able to see where the data is coming from no matter what the domain name is.

To start off with, you are going to get a list of URLs and sub-domains that might be associated with any particular domain. This will certainly help prevent underhanded techniques whereby different versions are used (including https, www, etc.) by various domains in order to hide the origin of a particular packet of data. This will also help people that own websites to consolidate their data. There was previously no centralized resource for something like this, you had to gather your fragmented bits of data on your own and piece it together, something that was a very painstaking procedure that would take a lot of time to do properly.
"If you already have DNS verification set up, Search Console will automatically create new domain properties for you over the next few weeks, with data over all reports.", announced Erez Bixon, Google Search Console Team Member, in a blog post. Adding further, "Otherwise, to add a new domain property, go to the property selector, add a new domain property, and use DNS verification. We recommend using domain properties where possible going forward."
There is a drop down menu on the search console page that you can use to add the necessary details to your search results. Make sure you add the right domain properties because of the fact that the information you upload is going to stay there. This will be a good way of seeing the entire histories of various domains that exist on the internet, and demystify this part of the web in a really big way.
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Google Webmaster adds domain-wide data in Search Console

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