WhatsApp’s Search Function is Getting a Lot Better

We have all been using WhatsApp for a very long time, which means that there are a lot of messages that we’d need to sort through if we want to find anything important. The current search feature works alright but there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. Overall, the current search function is a little inefficient and it can be quite annoying to use. There is also the fact that the search feature has a bit of a learning curve attached to it, making it somewhat inaccessible to users that are not all that tech savvy.

It seems like the messaging platform is upgrading the search function in a big way. Now you have a lot more different kinds of messages that you can search through. Previously you were only able to search for text, but now you can search for multimedia as well. This means that pictures, GIFs, videos and stickers that you sent can be easily located by using the search function. Multimedia often ended up getting lost because of the fact that there was no easy way to search for it, but the new update is going to make problems like this a thing of the past.
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You will also get access to search for links that you sent, along with audio and documents as well. What’s more is that you are now going to get a search history that you can go through, making the searching process even easier than it would have been otherwise. For people that are concerned about privacy and data theft, they can delete their history pretty easily in a manner that would be similar to what you would do on a web browser.

WhatsApp is testing an Advanced Search feature

WAbetainfo claimed that the Advanced Search feature is not available for general public yet, as WhatsApp engineers need to work on several "important improvements" before they launch a stable version.
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