Google’s Engineers Are Trying to Fix Mixed Content Issues

A common problem that occurs on a wide variety of browsers including Google Chrome is a mixed content error. This happens when a webpage loads over a secured HTTPS connection but the media on that page, which is to say the images and the like, are loaded over an unsecure HTTP connection. This often ends up making browsers block a site, claiming that the site in question is not safe for a user to go to. This often ends up casting aspersions on the legitimacy of a site which can be damaging to that site’s reputation.

The Mozilla team have been trying to fix this issue for quite some time now, and it seems like Google’s own engineers are jumping into the mix as well in an attempt to help HTTPS become a lot more universally accepted than it is at this point in time.

According to a document shared by Google team with Zdnet,
"Currently, sites delivered over HTTPS but which contain elements delivered over HTTP, either cause the site’s security chip to be downgraded (Images, Audio, and Video), or get blocked, which triggers a “Mixed Content Shield” to appear in the omnibox right side, from which users can allow the blocked content. The UX for this is considered confusing, and doesn’t provide users with enough information to decide whether to allow the content, and there are proposals to eliminate this UI completely. Furthermore, we hypothesize most of the content delivered over HTTP in HTTPS sites is either available over HTTPS, and can be transparently upgraded, or doesn’t impact the user experience. We propose a series of experiments to determine how feasible it would be to auto-upgrade all or a subset of mixed content.", explained an author from Chromium team.
Website owners and SEOs are currently apprehensive about switching to HTTPS because of the fact that they feel like it could impact the traffic they receive. This issue will have to be resolved in order to make the more secure connection far more widespread and normalized than it currently is.

Google is running an auto-update-to-HTTPS experiment in Chrome solve the mixed-content problem

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