Zuckerberg comes out in favor of the technology companies – says he is against charging for the use of Facebook

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated on Wednesday that his leading social media platform is committed to staying free for the general public and defended the network by claiming it to be one of the best tech companies.

Speaking with Harvard University law professor Jonathan Zittrain in the first of a series of public discussions, Zuckerberg said that Facebook is responsible for decentralizing the society.

He also said that Facebook should be provided to the users free of charge.

The platform gives users a voice and the ability to connect with anyone around the world. The company does not want to mute their opinion by putting a price tag on the service.

Facebook continues to face scrutiny from politician and activists over its data privacy and moderation practices. A few days ago, a UK based committee also released a report that backlashed the social media company and touted it as ‘digital gangster.’
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During the discussion with Zittrain, CEO Facebook touched upon a wide variety of issues circulating his brainchild including user’s complaint, regulating content, encryption, and blockchain.

He also admitted to previously consider banning politics-related advertisements, as they were responsible for disputes before the election.

Zuckerberg also reflected upon his challenges for 2019 that included hosting a series of public discussions on the future of technology in society. He claims that he has plans to talk with leaders, experts, and people of the society and bring out different formats to keep the sessions interesting.

In his latest conversation with Harvard’s Zittrain, Zuckerberg stressed on the importance of genuine content and said that he is currently in the process of setting up an independent counsel to review controversial content.

He ended the discussion by stating that contrary to the popular belief, neither he nor Facebook are arbiters of truth. However, he is concerned about publishing content that holds accuracy and is working out a system to eliminate misleading material from its platform.
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Zuckerberg defends big tech, says Facebook should remain free
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