Did Mark Zuckerberg condemn his own Portal in innocence?

Zuckerberg, forgetting about Facebook’s Portal: ‘We definitely don’t want a society where there’s a camera in everyone’s living room’
Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg also understands why a decent number of consumers might find the Portal device dubious.

Speaking at the first of a series of discussions on the technology and society, Zuckerberg unintentionally agreed to the criticism addressed towards Facebook’s new video calling device.

When telling the audience about his plans to enhance end-to-end encryption in Facebook’s service, Zuckerberg said that no one wants a society with cameras in the living room.

Harvard Law professor Jonathon Zittrain, the host of the discussion immediately pointed out to Mark Zuckerberg that his own brainchild – the Portal is literally like having a camera in the living room.

Zuckerberg’s laugh in response was sheepish but he did say that his features would be encrypted – definitely.

Facebook introduced its Portal in November. However, the new feature was not well-accepted by the tech community who immediately raised concerns about giving Facebook the accessibility to watch over the user’s home after the company faced a series of privacy controversies last year.

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Video: Harvard Law School | Featured photo: Facebook
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