WhatsApp Finally Fixed The Biometric Authentication Process Bug for iPhone Users

Shortly after the WhatsApp introduced the Face ID and Touch ID authentication feature for iOS users, a bug was discovered in it, which let people access the WhatsApp without asking for any authentication. In the new version number 2.19.22, WhatsApp has been updated for iPhone users. Though WhatsApp has not shared an updated change-log, making it unclear whether new features are introduced or it is just the bug fixation, people can still update the app by going on the App Store.

Recently a bug was discovered in the implementation of biometric authentication, which let you bypass the authentication process without asking for Face ID or Touch ID. WhatsApp itself confirmed the existence of a bug and said they will soon fix it. Finally, it has been updated and the bug is no more there, as confirmed by several users and media blogs, making the authentication process useful and practical by all means.
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For a quick recall, a biometric authentication feature was introduced for the iPhone users at the beginning of February 2019. It let people set privacy, using Face ID or Touch ID to get access to WhatsApp. But a bug was discovered it its implementation, which activated whenever WhatsApp's users wanted to share anything using iPhone share extention.

If the biometric authentication time has been set to “Immediately’, only then the feature worked well. For other screen lock options, like “After 1 Minute”, “After 15 minutes” or “After 1 hour”, it no longer asked for Face ID or Touch ID authentication process. It simply let people share anything or go to the home screen and back to WhatsApp without authentication interface.

This feature is not yet available for Android users. So they have not been facing any bug issues.

WhatsApp Fixed The Security Bug That Allows iPhone Users to Bypass Face ID and Touch ID Locks Search
Photo: Reuters/Dado Ruvic
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