WhatsApp Is Testing a New Group Invitation System Among Other Cool Features

If you have been using WhatsApp for some time now, you have probably come across the various situations in which people end up adding you to WhatsApp groups without any warning, thereby bombarding you with messages that you did not want to end up receiving in the first place. Not only is this annoying, in many ways it is an invasion of your privacy because of the fact that it would expose you to people that you might have blocked because of the fact that the blocking system doesn’t work in groups.

A new feature that is being tested out will help you exercise more control over the groups you end up getting added to. This is going to be similar in its user interface to the control you have over read receipts and last seen, two other features that some users don’t like because of the fact that they tend to make it easier for people to invade your privacy in some way, shape or form. You can either let everyone add you to a group which means that any account on WhatsApp can put your number in and add you to a group, or you can restrict it to just contacts being able to add you to groups. Alternatively, you could also make it so that nobody can add you to groups. In this case, you will receive an alert whenever someone has tried to add you to a group after which you would be able to decide whether or not you want to be added to that group in the first place.
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This feature has not been rolled out yet, and has so far only been tested in certain iOS devices, apparently for business accounts. There is no timeline for the release of this feature at present, but chances are that it will be released soon.

According to Mashable, Facebook-owned messaging app is also testing a tweaked Status algorithm in Brazil, India and Spain. The new algorithm essentially "sort updates by relevance, rather than chronological order."

No more free group advertising and spam from annoying Whatsapp users, as the App is working on a much needed feature
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