Twitter Making special Efforts to Minimize Political Manipulation

Following the footsteps of Facebook, Twitter has also started working on controlling the misuse of the platform for political gains. Recently Twitter gave an overview of the posts that have been detected and removed because they were manipulating the use of the social network.

Twitter posted about how it has been considering the issue and has removed nearly 9,000 profiles which have been operated from Bangladesh, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela.

Twitter said that manipulating information for national or geopolitical reasons has been in practice since ages, only the medium has changed. The social giant considers this unethical and has been working to get control over it by developing technology and also through self-driven approaches. The company hopes that it would help to make public conversations safe.

Twitter also published about its efforts to make Mid Term elections of 2018 well protected by detecting and removing sources that were originating from countries like Iran. Venezuela and Russia. The company was able to identify them who had been manipulating the platform and their accounts were suspended before the Election day.
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Twitter mentioned how it is collaborating with the fellow platform, Facebook to rule out the issue that is of major concern for the both. This hints at sharing of information in future between both the companies to address the critical issue of manipulation of the platforms.

Facebook also in recent times highlighted about how voters are being influenced by politically motivated groups using the platform. This could be a hurdle in the democratic process, which platform is trying to eliminate by removing such groups or suspending them, instead of letting them spread propaganda on social media.

Though Twitter has fewer users, it is also working to minimize the manipulation. This is great to see it working with peers to make the online world safer and propaganda free.

Photo: David Becker/Getty Images

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