Twitter Might Soon Introduce The Option To Edit Your Tweet

Twitter may soon let you edit your tweets
The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, knows about the real problems of its users as he has openly announced the possibility of adding a feature to edit the tweets which would make people correct what they want to say before tweeting it to the world. However, it will still keep the original tweet in place.

In his recent interview with Joe Rogan, the host suggested Dorsey to add an edit option for Tweets with which users could correct their spellings or words, while the original tweet would still be visible. Much to our surprise, Dorsey agreed and told that Twitter is already looking into that.

Dorsey further explained that the reason Twitter never had the option of editing a tweet earlier was because of its integration with the SMS system. The social media site was built with a system similar to the one in which you can’t take your message back, once you have sent it. Tweets belonged to the same category as well.
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But now with more developments, Twitter is figuring out a way to introduce a 5 to 30 seconds delay in sending a tweet, probably with a pop-up window, for letting users edit it in that time phrase.

Additional details are still not clear yet but this would indeed make Twitter much more user-friendly. Imagine, no more mistakes in your perfect tweets!

Featured Photo: Anushree Fadnavis / Reuters
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