LinkedIn’s New Feature Could Help You Get Paid More

LinkedIn has managed to establish itself within a niche that Facebook did not manage to initially capture, that of the various people trying to find gainful employment. The latest feature that LinkedIn has introduced could potentially be a game changer because of the fact that it would help you figure out how much you deserve to get paid. This feature will basically allow you to compare salaries with other people that are working in your field.
"Now, when you’re searching for jobs on LinkedIn in the U.S., UK and Canada, we’ll show you personalized insights about jobs where you could make more money on the job card and within the job listing. To receive personalized insights, you must submit your salary within the LinkedIn Salary tool.", announced Erika Hairston on LinkedIn official blog.
This is an important feature because of the fact that we often get underpaid simply because we don’t know how much our skills are worth. Employers are often trying to find bargain employees that will do the job for a minimal cost, and this tool can help prevent that from happening. By using the salary comparison tool you can figure out how much each job is supposed to pay by using accurate data provided by real people who are working in a similar industry.
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This tool is almost three years old by this point but it has recently been revamped, therefore making it a lot more accessible user friendly. LinkedIn made this update after finding out that 2 out of every 3 job applicants preferred to have some kind of information about salaries that they can expect from a particular field of employment. It is heartening to know that the social media platform takes its users so seriously, and is trying genuinely to give them an experience that would truly allow them to get the best jobs that the market is offering at this point in time. This feature will also help people hold employers accountable for underpaying employees in spite of the quality work that these employees may be giving in return.

LinkedIn Will Soon Start Showing Users Jobs Where They Could Make More Money
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