LinkedIn Like Other Social Networks Also Introduces Live-Video Streaming Option

Compared to other social networking sites, LinkedIn sees to be a bit behind in introducing new features or technologies on the platform. Last year in March, it introduced stickers and frames for videos and later its own version of ‘Stories’. Recently, the platform has been up to taking another social innovation into account and launching a live-video option.

In August 2017, LinkedIn launched video tools which over the period proved to be the most engaging content option for the users. Now it is coming with a new video tool, ‘LinkedIn Live’, another way to create video content on the social networking site. It will allow its members and companies to share their conferences, product announcement or have an interactive Q&A session etc.

According to recent statistics, LinkedIn users share video content 20 times more than any other type of post. Also, last year LinkedIn launched videos for company pages. So the new initiative of bringing additional video tool could prove to be more fruitful, increasing groundbreaking engagement levels on the platform.

In the beginning, LinkedIn Live option will be available in the United States only, that also through invites. In the coming weeks, members who want to be among the first ones to use the feature can apply for it through the contact form. There are no details about when this will be rolled out for all but is expected to be available soon.
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According to reports, the site is also looking forward towards outsourcing the live-streaming developers to aid in making live videos a smooth experience for users. These include Wirecast, Switcher Studio, Wowza Media Systems, Socialive, Brandlive and a few others that are yet to be revealed.

This new addition in the platform will help the platform and its users in various ways. As it also reached 610 million members, live videos could prove to increase engagement through broadcasting live. This I also expected to improve B2B live content, helping in setting momentum for the option.

LinkedIn finally gets around to launching its own live video tool
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