IGTV's separate Tab reportedly in testing phase for Instagram Profiles!

By now, everyone should have learned that whenever Matt Navarra’s name is mentioned somewhere, a spectacular social-media related news shouldn’t be too far away. This is exactly what happened this time too. According to one of his recent tweets, Instagram might be working on improving an exceptional feature.

The avid Instagram users should be aware of the “IGTV” videos, which appears as a button at the top of the Instagram app above Stories. It is basically a vertical video format developed mainly for smartphones. With the help of this app, a user can upload vertical videos up to 10 minutes, if they are not verified or they do not have a solid fanbase. For the widely followed and verified users, the max video length can go up to 60 minutes.

These are all known details however. The new thing is that Instagram is reportedly testing an IGTV tab, which will be on profile pages. The BKH first noticed this update and supported his claim with a couple of screenshots. No word yet on when it might be rolled out to all users.

Now, it’s still unclear whether an IGTV tab on individual profiles is a needed feature or not but it's clear that Instagram trying hard to push it's new feature to as many users as possible.

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