How to Start Capturing Mores Impressive Photos for a Blog [Sponsored]

Photos can really help to make your blog more interesting, and complement its content nicely. However if you do start to add photos to your blog, you need to make sure they look impressive and their quality is good.

Although that may seem difficult at first, there are actually several fairly easy ways that you can start to capture great photos for your blog:

Use the rule of thirds when framing your shots

The rule of thirds is an easy composition technique that can help you to capture shots that are more visually interesting and well-balanced. All you need to do is enable the grid feature on your camera or smartphone and position the subject and other elements using the grid-lines and intersection points of the 3x3 grid that appears.

Snap photos during the golden hour

No time of day is better for snapping spectacular photos than the golden hour that is roughly an hour after dawn and before sunset. During that time the sunlight has amazing qualities for photography, and is soft, diffused, and directional.

Keep the camera steady and still when snapping photos

As you snap any photos you need to keep the camera still. Even small imperceptible movements can cause issues with the quality and may make it look blurry due to the movement or loss of focus.

Try to get into the habit of gripping your camera with both hands and using your elbows for additional support by locking them at your sides. If you still have difficulty you may want to consider using a tripod stand.

Shoot in RAW

If you really want your photos to look good you should try to shoot in RAW – if your camera allows for it. Unlike JPEG and other image formats, RAW photos are uncompressed and will record all the data from your camera’s sensor. That is why they have the best quality, and you can edit them more effectively too.

The only downside to shooting in RAW is that the file size of your photos will be much larger – and you need to be prepared for that.

Learn your camera’s manual settings

Using the automated settings in your camera will make it easy to just point-and-click to capture photos. However if you want the best results you should take the time to familiarize yourself with your camera’s manual settings as that will give you more control over the exposure.

Last but not least it is always a good idea to brush up on your editing skills too. Few photos are perfect when they are first captured, and most need small adjustments or touch ups at least.

Nowadays you can find user-friendly editors that are relatively easy to use, and that would be a good place for beginners to start. For example you could use Movavi Photo Editor and even change the background of your photos by following the steps at

If you follow all the tips outlined above, you will start to notice how much better the quality and composition of your photos turn out to be. The more that you try out the tips and practice your photography – the better you’ll get at using them, and the more impressive the photos that you capture for your blog will be.
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