Instagram Is Experimenting With New Feature In Live Videos

The ability to live stream on various social media and streaming platforms is a feature that a lot of influencers, brands, artists and general users enjoy because of the fact that it brings them closer to their audience. Different platforms are offering different options in this regard in order to get an edge over one another, and Instagram has recently added a small update to its own live video platform that should get users quite interested.

This new feature that could potentially be rolling out will allow you to add a title to your live video. This is a small change but it could potentially help the process of labelling videos become much easier. It could also help streamers reach a wider audience because of the fact that they would be able to give people an idea of what their stream is about instead of it being some random live video that people could tune into.
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It is important to note that Instagram has not confirmed that this feature is coming just yet, this information is based on certain beta app testers seeing this feature for a period of time. This is possibly because Instagram is testing the feature out at this point in time. Only time will tell whether or not the feature will be able to make it to the list of official features that Instagram is currently offering in its live video service.

Instagram Tests New Title Option for Live Videos
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