Facebook Introduces New Premium Ads for Targeted Marketing

The primary way in which Facebook earns money is by selling ads, and it is upping its game in terms of the quality of ads that it allows marketers and brands to offer users of the social media platform. At a recent event, Facebook provided some more information about how videos will be incorporated into potential marketing strategies that brands and agencies can implement on the platform, and how this could lead to more direct marketing as well as higher end targeting than was the case previously.

This new premium video ad program is called Showcase, and it is apparently going to be incorporated into Facebook Watch. The end game for Facebook Watch was always to create a new platform upon which Facebook can offer consumers that brands and agencies can target in their marketing campaigns, although competition with YouTube owned by Facebook’s tech rival Google was also definitely something that was in play. According to Facebook, a hundred million people check out reserved streams on Facebook Watch on a regular basis, and most of these people are in the most precious demographic that any advertiser worth his or her salt would be after: the 18-34 demographic.
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Each Facebook user watches on average twenty minutes of content on Facebook Watch each and every day, averaging about a minute per viewing session. It is important to note that these numbers are not that impressive when you compare them to giants such as YouTube so Facebook definitely has a long way to go before it can justify its new targeted ad campaigns, but marketers are definitely going to be interested in the gold mine demographic that Facebook might be giving them access to.

Facebook add new video ad program, claims 100 million people watch content eligible for In-Stream Reserve
Photo: Facebook
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