Google rolls out an AI based “intelligent search” feature for G Suite

Google Drive’s “intelligent search box” was introduced on the Enterprise edition of G Suite last July. According to the updates from the search giant, the updated feature will now soon be available on all G Suite editions.

Currently, the feature is enabled by tapping the “search drive” field located at the top of the website. The updated version of Drive will bring out three or so “suggested search queries” with a click starting that search.

Next on the top panel is the list of top collaborators with their names and profile avatars. Tapping on the name of the person will show users with files that have been shared amongst them. Below the users can see the type of files (PDFs, Documents, Presentations, Images, and Videos) along with shortcuts for edit history, priority files, and other filters.

Intelligent Search in Google Drive Available for All G Suite Editions

The newly added filters and search tools utilize a multi-variant machine learning algorithm to predict what the user is most likely to use. With time, the results will improve but Google aims to let users find files without remembering specific keywords or title.

The updated version of G Suite will be rolling out today and enabled by default. News also suggests that Google is working on bringing more updates to the G Suite editions by giving users quick access to their documents through different machine learning tools.

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