Google’s New AI Will Check Your Grammar in Google Docs

Each and every year, we learn about the new applications of artificial intelligence and how it is going to impact our daily lives. Google has always been at the forefront of making the conversation surrounding AI as practical as possible, and its newest AI which is being incorporated into Google Docs is the latest example of how an intelligence such as this can be used to improve various aspects of our routines in ways we would never have imagined before.

Word processors have had automatic spell checkers and grammar checkers for quite some time now, but these were just programs that worked mindlessly and didn’t learn anything. This is why colloquialisms, foreign words incorporated into local English dialects as well as certain proper nouns such as names of people ended up being considered grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. The new AI grammar checker can use machine learning to pick up information about how you write and use it to conform to your specific style, therefore giving you much better proofreading than would have been the case otherwise.
"Let Docs be your new grammar police, Grammar suggestions in Google Docs is now generally available.", announced G Suite team in a tweet.
What all of this means is that when the AI grammar checker is officially launched, it is not going to be all that impressive to begin with. However, over time it will improve a great deal until it can understand the intricacies of language. Google has apparently worked with linguists to ensure that the AI is headed in the right direction. It is also notable that Google will probably learn a lot about how we write as well which is more data that the ever hungry tech giant would be able to use for its own purposes, although this particular kind of data is pretty harmless so consumers needn’t worry just yet.
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Google’s new artificial intelligence grammar checker tool is now live in Google Docs

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