New Google Docs API Is Here To Automate Your Tasks

Google is going to bring some relief for all of you who are tired of editing the Google Docs files every time, especially in case of bulk content. With the integration of the new API, developers can now automate certain tasks for companies who depend a lot on the online office suite.

REST API in the Google Notes was introduced last year in April on Google Cloud Next. The preview of it showed us how developers can now automate the workflow process for their users and improve the content management issues. It will let them manipulate documents according to the prescribed format of the organisation with the ability to insert, delete, move, merge and format text. Users would also be able to insert online images and work with lists.

This would particularly be more useful for invoicing, in which similar documents are being created with changes in order numbers and information of items from third-party systems (or maybe even just a Google Sheet). Moreover, with the benefits of importing or exporting the documents for internal content management systems would also be huge.

Companies like Zapier, Netflix, Mailchimp and Final Draft have already designed their solutions with this new API. But it indeed is a great idea to let users working in an organisation focus more on getting work done instead of spending time on repetitive typing.

Google Docs gets an API for task automation
Photo: NurPhoto - Getty Images
"The Docs API makes it easy to automate common word processing tasks, with the added perk of real-time editing and collaboration that’s already built into the Docs app." announced Adam Tishok, Product Manager and Anu Srivastava, Developer Programs Engineer in a blog post. Adding further, "With this addition, G Suite now has a complete set of APIs for Docs, Sheets, and Slides."

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