Hey Google, The built-in microphone on the Nest was a secret or not?

Early this month, Google announced that its Nest Secure system would soon enable the Google Assistant – its virtual assistant technology.

This surprised the many users of Googles home security and alarm system who didn’t know that a microphone even existed on the device, to begin with.

In fact, the existence of a microphone on the Nest Guard was never disclosed in any of the product material.

Upon investigating, the search engine giant issued a report on the Business Insider stating that the company was at fault for not listing the mic on its list of tech specs page. Google also clarified that the microphone was never supposed to be a secret and constituted as an error on their part.

Google also declared that the microphone is not on by default and the user had to activate it by specifically enabling the option.
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The company also said that the microphone was included in the Nest Guard for the potential enhancement of security features down the line such as the ability to detect broken glass.

Unfortunately, for Google, the news regarding the built-in microphone comes at a non-appropriate time when the majority of consumers are wary of tech companies misusing their personal data. It is specifically an unsuited time for Google who is already under the ‘public eye’ for the 2010 incident where it admitted to ‘accidentally’ collect users data via its Street View cars.

Google purchased the Nest back in 2014 for $3.2 billion. It became the belonging of a standalone company in 2015 but Google later brought it back in February 2018 under the leadership of head hardware exec Rick Osterloh.

The Nest is a manufacturing brand for smart home products and includes smoke detectors, security cameras, doorbells, and smart locks in its line.

Google Admits It Was An 'Error' Not Telling Users About Secret Nest Microphone
Photo: Nest

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