How Technology Can Help You Make More Money in Your Tax Firm

Feeling like your tax firm is a standstill with profits and stuck in middle age technology? We’re here to rescue your small business from hitting a technological plateau and bringing you some ideas for how you can incorporate some useful apps, software, and devices in your tax firm— and ultimately boost your profits.

Build a mobile-friendly website

Your website can be considered the “port of entry” for your small business. Most consumers look to the internet to find information on services, which means your website is often the first contact they have with your company. Since 57% of Google searches are now from mobile devices, you will definitely want to optimize your business’ website for mobile viewing. Use a website building platform like Weebly to design your own website platform.

Increase leads with your expertise

Once you have a strong website, you can use this as a springboard for growing your business. Consider starting a blog on your website and share your expertise with your customers and potential leads. Not only will they consider this information helpful, but it could help you rank higher on the search engine results.

Consider email marketing to your current customers and provide them with useful information to prepare for tax season. This will help foster a sense of trust and also keep your business top-of-mind when they want to file their taxes. Plus, you can pull important analytics to help you see what information or even promotional deals your customers respond to. There are many tax firm competitors out there, so it’s important to make your company stand out using creative marketing!

Boost your internal software

The days of paper-stacked offices are over. The classic image of piles of tax paperwork piled on CPA desks— long gone. It’s time to bring your tax firm into the future and start taking advantages of paperless services and tax software. Not only can cloud based tax software reduce your office supply expenses, but it can save countless hours of organizing and digging up old client paperwork. When all of your materials are stored in one place, you can easily retrieve important information, save digital copies, and even access your files remotely.

Make your management more efficient

Employee turnover can be really costly for your small business. Hiring the right candidates for the job from the start can help you cut costs on posting jobs, training and onboarding, and other costs associated with losing an employee. Use recruiting software for your tax firm to narrow down your pool of applicants to find qualified CPAs and other professionals for your next available position. Your employees are your best marketers, so finding the right person to represent your business could seriously increase your profits this year.

Expand your network

Work with clients from anywhere when you choose to operate remotely. You can cut back on office space expenses and expand your network of clients. The most important part of running your tax firm out of the traditional commercial space? Communication. Finding a communication process that works well for your internal communications and keeps your clients in the loop is invaluable to your business.

For internal communication, you can use an application like Slack to message your colleagues about important updates and business-related information. When you need to hop on a call or video chat with a remote client use a tool like Zoom to connect with your clients wherever they are.

Reviews are everything

Word travels fast on the internet. Before making a purchase or doing business with a service-based company, most consumers do at least a quick internet search about the business to see how their services stack up to others. If you want your business to stand out in the crowded market of corporate tax firms and your local competitors, you’ve got to have a pristine online appearance. Get more customer reviews and keep track of your current reviews with a review management software. When you’re notified about a new review on your website or review platforms like Yelp and Google, you can address negative reviews and respond to positive ones immediately. This communication with your customers can help you keep them happy and even generate more business.

In conclusion

It’s time to embrace the digital age. From better organization to increased efficiency, there are many benefits to incorporating technology into your tax firm business.
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