Several YouTube Channels Reinstated After Facing Sexual Content Allegations

YouTube restored accounts of many prominent YouTubers after mistakenly deleting them over wrong allegations of having illegal content.

Accounts of Youtubers like Mystic7, Marksman, Trainer Tips, who have subscribers of around 3.5 million in total, were deleted after they had posted videos of playing Pokemon GO.

The reason given was that their content contradicted with the policies and guidelines of YouTube, clearly mentioning that the platform does not allow posting activities related to child abuse.

Billiam Thies, one of the Youtubers said that his YouTube channel along with his Google account was entirely deleted and he had no access to them. Through Twitter, he got to know that his channel was down but could not do anything about it. Later YouTube admitted that it had been because of mistake.

After the issue was raised on social media, YouTube reactivated all the suspended accounts, which they claimed were removed mistakenly. YouTube has a policy that if a video is taken down from a channel, it will be reassessed and reinstated on the channel if there is no violation of rules.
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The issue with mixing up video game with sexual could be a machine error. It is believed that the acronym “CP” which stands for “Combat Point” and is used to measure the strength in Pokemon battle, had been confused with “Child Pornography”. Google has not confirmed whether it was the issue or not, but other videos which did not have Pokemon video either were also affected.

Billiam was banned for using “CP” in the title of his video, which he referred to a former online game “Club Penguin”. His video was flagged for sexual content and was really offended for the serious allegations put on his video. He had to claim to get his account back. Though he holds no bad attention towards the video platform but hoped that there was better communication among Youtubers and the organization.

There were others also who received noticed for putting up sexual child content, which was a false claim. Youtubers are questioning YouTube over this, as they had been unable to differentiate between game videos and illegal content. The point to ponder upon is whether Google does this assessment manually or through the machine.

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