Facebook May Let Messenger Users Format Their Text In Various New Styles

Being the social media giant, Facebook is always on the go to introduce something innovative and new to keep its users engaged. This time it has come with a new feature which would let users format their texting in Facebook Messenger on mobile devices.

According to Jane Manchun Wong (an app researcher), users will soon be able to modify their text in Messenger in various forms. Apparently, users will get the options like italic, bold, strike-through and mono-space to format their chats.

Previously the feature was only available for Facebook web, whereas now it will be visible in Messenger app as well. Different codes can be used to make your text standout than the normal text in Messenger while chatting. Whereas, if you highlight the word that you want to modify, a list of options will appear letting you choose your desired option of formatting.
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Chart for text formatting on Facebook Messenger

Though it is still in the testing process before launch. But is expected to be available soon for the general users.

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