Facebook Messenger is testing a "pin" feature for individual chats

Every conversation is not equally important and this is something that can be agreed by everyone. However, it looks like Facebook Messenger is the one to disagree on that.

For the past several years, the Messenger app didn’t allow a user to pin individual chats. This feature was available for group conversations however. The main disadvantage of not having such a crucial feature is that an important conversation can be lost among all the other conversations and it can be difficult and time-consuming to retrieve it, when it is needed.

However, if Matt Navarra, one of the most experienced social media apps beta tester, is to be believed, the messenger app has finally heard its users’ demands and may soon introduce the “pin chat” feature.

Facebook Messenger may soon add an individual PIN Chat feature

According to a recent tweet of Navarra, the option to pin individual chats is in testing phase, he supported his claim by attaching a screenshot. However, another Twitter user replied to his tweet with a screenshot of his own iOS device, claiming that the option wasn’t available on his app.

Based on the two tweets mentioned above, it is still unclear whether the Messenger app has finally introduced this feature or was it just a temporary availability due to an upcoming update. The “pin” feature for individual chats can prove to be really beneficial for users and is long overdue.

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  1. Pinning sounds great. But the ability to pin an avatar to my home screen would be even more helpful.

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