Facebook Plans To Improve Job Conditions For Content Moderators

Facebook may have been strict about screening content that violates its policies, but the thousands of moderators which were hired to do the job recently seem to be struggling more and more due to worse job conditions.

According to TheVerge, these contractors are dealing with anxiety, trauma, inadequate counseling, micro-managing team leaders and low pay. For such intense work, that can damage their mental health, workers are paid an annual salary of just $28,000. Besides that, Facebook is still not sure about how to deal with the intrinsic needs of such employees and provide a better environment to moderators who spend their days sifting through some of the social network's most extreme content.

However, in response to the ever increasing complains, Facebook’s Global Operations VP Justin Osofsky said that the company is working on ways to ensure that such contractors are taken care of in the best possible way. In his statement, the executive further told that Facebook will standardize its contracts based on the kind of facilities and psychological support required in the particular department. Facebook managers will also keep a regular check and balance on contractors' performance as well.
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Moreover, Contractors will now be able to access a "whistleblower hotline" if someone wants to contact Facebook directly, instead of going through the HR’s way, for any issue.

Facebook isn’t the first one to deal with such critical problems as Reddit moderators have also struggled in the past with psychological issues and abuses along with not being paid for a long duration. But since, the social media giant is ready to revamp the condition, one can expect subtle changes such as short breaks and easy access to counselors soon. But, the overall implementation of the process might take a relatively longer time.

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