Facebook Ready To Follow The Code of Conduct Set By UK Parliament

British lawmakers pointing out the giant digital companies said that they should follow a certain code of conduct to avoid the spread of misinformation and abuse to data of users. To which Facebook said they are ready to bring reforms wherever needed.

Karim Palant, Facebook’s public policy manager stated that Facebook is open to take in recommendations by the committee for electoral reforms. He made clear that over the years Facebook has evolved and already have taken adequate steps to improve its process.

Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook was particularly targeted in a report for irresponsible on a personal level and also questioned his leadership traits. UK parliament’s Digital, Cultural, Media, and Sports Committee said that all the big companies failed in controlling fake news culture and harmful content.
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Committee chairman, Damian Collins was of the view that instead of apologizing later, they should better ask permission before using the data. He also said that we need to be more self-regulated and responsible at an individual level.

Collins said that citizen should be given their due right, and companies need to follow the law of the Parliament for a smooth running of their platforms.

Photo: PA Wire/PA Images
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