New Study Suggests Trends That Digital Marketers Should Follow To Improve Their Facebook Interactions

Making your presence count on social media is a new challenge every day. To make things easier for every business, a new report has suggested trends that marketers should try to adopt and mix it together with the current strategy to improve the engagement rates.

A social analytics platform, Quintly, has recently released a report on the current trends in the social media world, what brands should do for more traffic and how can a business improve its online presence overall. Almost 94,000 Facebook Pages, and more than 105 million posts were analyzed for this purpose.

Quintly began with the most important thing in its report - video posts on Facebook. According to study, videos generate 65 percent more engagement (i.e.: likes, comments and shares) as compared to posts with photos, while links get 72 percent less interactions than videos. Yet, unfortunately, brands are still not taking advantage of video format the way they should.

Videos beat links and Photos in the battle for interactions

From the study, it was observed that nearly 55 percent of the 105 million analyzed posts had links, while Photos were a part of 29 percent of posts and videos stood at last with around 14 percent.

More than 50% of all Facebook posts are links

Businesses do have their own reason to rely heavily on link posts as they want to drive traffic to their own websites and producing good quality videos take a lot of effort and resources. But still if one wants to invest right in the digital world then improving the visual experience of a brand is the key on any platform. Even if videos are not viable, photos can be relatively easy and they also stand second in terms of engagement.
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Facebook’s engagement and website traffic should be treated equally and therefore mixing things up for both of them would be termed as the right strategy. It will overall improve your company’s interaction with the community and the subsequent reach for future posts will also be high.

Moreover, the report also proves that weekends see higher overall Page engagement on average. This happens mostly because the competition is less and more people are available online.

13% higher interactions on weekend posts

"When the new Reactions, such as ‘Sad’ and ‘Wow’, were launched in 2016, usage picked up slowly after the first peak. People did not seem to be eager to use them on a regular basis. Since then, they’ve continued to grow steadily in popularity. Now, more than two years later, these more varied ways to share sentiments have picked up and Likes “just” make up 81% of all Reactions.", noted Quintly.

Users eager to use 'new Reactions' on Facebook

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