British parliament reveals three reasons for regulating the technology companies

The government body of Britain has been tacking with the tech giants for some time now and today, they published an announcement that clearly states the reason for the regulation.

According to the British parliament, the tech giants cannot be trusted and requires to be regulated. Their Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports Committee said that the regulation is vital in three prominent areas.

First is to curb fake news that spreads like fire in the virtual world. The misleading news possesses a huge threat to democracy and needs to be mitigated.

Protecting user’s data from manipulation is the second area that needs to be addressed.

Lastly, the British parliament claims that large tech companies often use their position to take advantage of businesses that are just starting out in the industry. The legislation will ensure that the tech giants refrain from such activities and allow all companies to target their potential consumers with their unique capability.
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The reports by Reuters also reveal that the parliament put Facebook under extra criticism and condemned their practices along with Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership.

In fact, the committee acknowledges that Zuckerberg refused to appear before the British lawmakers even after being called thrice. This was declared as ‘contempt’ towards the parliament and its members that highlight the CEO’s irresponsible attitude.

Upon contact, a spokesperson by Facebook responded that the company was not against regulation and they are making substantial changes as per the policies.

Currently, the leading social media handle is facing its first-ever multi-billion dollar fine in the US for using tracking cookies even though Safari had announced to block them.

Technology giants must be regulated: Britain says these are 3 main reasons

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