Social Media Power Show: Instagram Tops The Engagement Chart

Ever since its inception, Instagram has been successful in making its own mark in the social media world. A large part of the credit goes to the fact that users love interacting with pictures that are related to their lifestyle and give a more vibrant feel to their profile overall.

The top 10 accounts on Instagram prove the platform’s ability to become an engagement powerhouse with time. Till date, an Instagram post engages 5 times more than the ones of Facebook, which is rather surprising due to the fact that Facebook is still the social networking giant with the most number of monthly active users (almost twice more than Instagram ones).

According to data provided by CrowdTangle in a report, Facebook tops the MAU list with 2.32 billion in Jan. 2019, while Instagram stands second having 1 billion till June 2018 and Twitter at 326 million being third (Oct. 2018).

But Instagram turned the table upside down in engagement statistics as its top 10 accounts together generated 4.8 billion interactions (likes + comments) when compared with Facebook's 922 million (reactions + comments + shares) and Twitter's 398 million (retweets plus likes).
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Studying the report in depth also revealed the type of accounts that fill out the top 10 of each platform and become a part of an effective engagement practice.

A new study highlights the most engaging accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
Chart via: Axios

Instagram: People love to see star power and celebrities showing off their fancy lifestyles here. The relationship gets even better with the way this picture oriented platform gives an opportunity to "influencers" or brands to aspire their followers with better aesthetics.

Facebook: Most of the Facebook pages rely on the platform’s algorithm to appear on others news feed so in order to flourish, one has to post as much as they can. The top Facebook pages aren't brand-name publishers, but accounts that focus more on creating viral content.

Twitter: Since it is all about text mostly, politics and ideological warfare wins here. This is the ideal platform to raise your voice or speak about what concerns you. Considering the amount of such people in real world, it also reflects in its usage.

Overall, Instagram has a long way to go as it requires more users to spend more of their time on the app and being aware of the ways they should, the company is also making all the right choices for its consumers.

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