Reaction Video YouTuber AngryJoeShow Speaks Of Bullying By A Film Company

If there is one thing that YouTubers hate about the platform that they are posting their videos and connecting to their subscribers on, it is the fact that the video streaming platform has some pretty strange and often downright ridiculous content regulation policies. For example, YouTube has a policy that would make it impossible for people to infringe on any copyright laws which is a very good thing except for the fact that the rules with which they regulate copyright infringement are rather vague and thus (in some cases) are not suitable for a lot of the creators on the platform.
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One of the most popular forms of content on YouTube are reaction videos. These are basically videos that involve someone recording themselves reacting to a viral video, movie or any other kind of content. An example of such a YouTuber is Joe Vargas whose channel is called AngryJoeShow. What Vargas does is that he posts reaction videos to trailer of movies, and one of the videos that he posted involved him reacting to the trailer for the new Hellboy movie that is coming out.

Vargas basically gave the trailer a bad review, and as a result of this fact the studio that is behind this trailer, namely Lionsgate Productions, has filed a copyright claim against him. This has resulted in Vargas losing all of the ad revenue that he would have gotten from this video that he had posted.
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While Lionsgate does have a right to the content it is creating, this is just one of the many examples of big companies using vague copyright laws to prevent fair use of their content. YouTubers are allowed to use publicly posted things in their own content, but their own platform seems to be against them on this one.

Photo: AngryJoeShow / YouTube
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